Visit Sealy

Visit Sealy
Attractions in the Sealy area. Of course if you're a history buff, you can't ignore the short trek to SanFelipe and the other historical Sealy sites, but there are other attractions around the Sealy area that make for great visits.

Guardian Angel Catholic Church

5610 Demel St., Wallis

Wallis Church

Gurdian Angel Church

Frydek Grotto

Frydek Catholic Cemetery  &  Frydek Grotto
Czech immigrants began settling in this area in the 1850s. The cemetery remains as a reminder of the area's Czech heritage.

On the grounds of Our Lady of Frydek Church is a grotto made of limestone and concrete, built by the thankful families and friends of 67 men & women of the Frydek Parish who served in World War II, all of whom returned home.

St. Mary's Catholic Church Grounds, FM 1458, 1 mile south of I-10 in Frydek - 979-885-3131

Austin County Jail
Built in 1896 it served as both living quarters on the left side and a jail on the right. The building was constructed with a space on the small fourth floor for a gallows used only one time. The jail was used until 1982 and was entered on the National Register of Historical Places in 1980. In Bellville. Open Saturdays and by appointment. (Donation)

36 S. Bell Street, Bellville

Austin County Jail


Turnverein Pavilion
Built in 1897 in Bellville, this building has 12 sides and was used as a social club by the German immigrants living in the area.  In Bellville.  Shown by appointment only.

One East Main Street (FM529), Bellville




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